Barbecue Events and Figs on the Grill Mat

barbecue competitionsBarbecue Competitions

From small countryside villages to entire countries, Barbecue Events take place all over the world when the weather turns to sunshine and warmth. Thousands of competitors the world over set up their shiny bbq tools, getting ready to participate in these competitions. Their hope is to exhibit their barbecue skills and win the celebrity – and hopefully the significant amount of money that is disbursed in prizes, for those that have the highest levels of skill. In these lively cooking competitions, bbq enthusiasts, amateurs and pros alike,  go at it with focus and dedication in an attempt to deliver some of those “finger-lickin’ good” bbq results that are the signature of a successful day slaving over the heat of the bbq. I’ve never participated in such an event, but I confess that when I head to the backyard with my marinated meat and my bbq tools and accessories, I sometimes imagine that I’m engaged in a world-class competition.

My Own Private Barbecue Competition

One of my big tricks for getting incredible results that could compete in a world class competition is a little bbq accessory called a barbecue grill mat. Personally, I choose my daddy’s old half-can grill, charcoal (of course), appetizing vinegar-based sauce (my BBQ Meatfavorite is mango-balsamic) and anything and everything is welcome on my grill. I barbecue meat, fruit, veggies, and even some more innovative preparations in handy little ziplock pouches. Currently, my preferred barbecue dish is a barbecue steak and Blueberry Sauce dish, and it is entirely off the charts. The sweetness and tang of the sauce incorporated with the smoke of the steak is remarkable. Plus, blueberries are one of my favorite fruits and this is a great way to get some of those incredible little berries into my day. Sure, sometimes I just eat a bowl of them too, but this is a great way to spice up my meat dishes. I constantly keep some frozen in my freezer so that I have them on hand when the need occurs.

barbecue deliWhere I Got My Ideas

We had a new deli open up near our house earlier this year. When I first went to this deli, I was delighted to see exactly what this was all about! In fact this is where I learned the tricks that I just told you about. After many weeks of feasting on their bbq meat sandwiches, I started stealing some of their ideas and techniques and using them at home! I still go several times a week, even though I can make most of their recipes quite successfully at home. My go-to sandwich is the Regular size with your house Blend Mustard! Wow! The other place I get great ideas is online – my favorite source is Chef Caron – great tips on recipes and barbecue. And they sell some pretty cool bbq accessories and tools like the bbq grill mat I mentioned earlier.

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Barbecue Dreams

So anyway, if you try the tricks I describe in this little rambling post, your guests and family will wonder exactly why your grilled food is so much better than it once was. And, who knows?. Possibly the dish Network will come seeking you for a special. Here’s a video to help you prepare.